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Friday, February 20, 2009

Birugaali Kannada Movie

Cast - Chetan Kumar, Sitara Vaidya, Aakanksha Sontalia, Charisma Bharadwaj, Taara

Music - Arjun
Director - Harsha A
Producer - Adarsh Enterprises

"Birugaali" is Harsha Reddy's second directorial venture. Just like his first film "Geleya", the choreographer-turned-director has used all the commercial ingredients in this film too.

While "Mungaru Male" writer Preetham Gubbi wrote the story of his directorial debut, Reddy has himself penned the story of his second film.

His debut film "Geleya" did show sparks of his talent and he won accolades for beautiful picturisation of songs. Even in his second film "Birugaali" the song picturisation is classy and choreography is perfect. But the film suffers because of a weak story and slow pace of narrative.

Set in the underworld, "Birugaali" is a romantic film. But the narrative is so slow that the second half drags. There are too many unnecessary sequences in the film that makes it a dull fare.

The story revolves around Hachchi who is in love with Karishma. There is another girl called Anju who is in love with him, but she never shows her emotions. Meanwhile, Hachchi gets involved with underworld dons who want to have a full control over the crime world. And they are being helped by a police officer.

How Hachchi comes out of their clutches forms the rest of the story. And there is also a sentimental angle to the whole story when Hachchi's identity is revealed by his mother.

Chethan, who had excelled in his first film "Aa Dinagalu", proves his mettle in action and sentimental scenes. Though he has worked hard to get the required physique for the action scenes, he doesn't look convincing in romantic sequences.

Sithara Vaidya has got a good role in the film and Tara is impressive too. H.C. Venu has done a good work behind the camera. Arjun's compositions are melodious. The song "Madhura Pisumaathige" is well-composed and well-picturised.

"Birugaali" could have been a good entertainer if the narrative was a little fast. The film can be seen once.

Watch Birugali Kannada Movie Online

Birugali Kannada Movie Part-1

Birugali Kannada Movie Part-2

Birugali Kannada Movie Part-3

Birugali Kannada Movie Part-4

Birugali Kannada Movie Part-5

Its a cam print and the video is not tht clear kindly manage with this one.
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gsmayura said...

hi thank for birugali

gsmayura said...

hi thank u for this movie

Puneeth said...

Thanks for the movie. But,..... Clarity is horrible......!!!!!!!

sunil said...

cant i download this?

bhaktaraghava said...

please give me links to download this film

bhaktaraghava said...

please give me links to download this movie

Ranjan said...

use latest real player to download the movie

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