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Monday, February 9, 2009

Janumada Gelathi Kannada Movie

Banner: Golden Lion Films Division
Cast: Srinagara Kitty, Pooja Gandhi, Jayanthi, Avinash, Harish Rai, Suresh Mangalore, Killer Venkatesh, Kurigalu Prathap

Direction: Dinesh Baboo
Production: C.R.Manohar
Music: V.Manohar

Janumadha Gelathi Movie Review

As a director known for good craftsmanship in a number of films in Kannada renowned cameraman too Dinesh Baboo inspired from French poem 'Yellow Handkerchief' this time tests the patience of audience with lethargic style in the first half of the film. The second half is loaded with developments and one reminds of Babylonian civilization 'An Eye for Eye and Tooth for a Tooth'. Here in this film the protagonist for the killing of his mother takes the revenge by killing the killer in the similar fashion showing the pain of killing innocent people to him.

Gowrishanker (Srinagara Kitty) the Range Forest officer on his reporting to duty and staying in his work place is impressed with Manjula. They both fall in love and agree to marry. Gowrishanker has to bring his loving mother for his marriage as she is everything for him. On his way to bring his mother in a bus Gowrishanker finds a gang forcibly entering the bus to kill an opponent who is a commuter in the bus. Unknowingly who it is Gowrishanker saves the youth putting down half down trouble shooters. This earns a good place for Gowrishanker in the gang of underworld kingpin Gangappa. One of the brothers of opponent gang headed by Khan is killed by Gowrishanker in the fierce battle is enough for him to fall trouble at his feet. Gowrishanker is advised by Gangappa not to move out of his den because danger is ahead for him. For Gowrishanker his mother is waiting in his home town and in his work place his lover is eagerly waiting to get married.

In the clash of Khan and Gangappa some more heads roll. Khan ascertaining who Gowrishanker is kills his mother in the village. Now it is killing spree time for Gowrishanker. In the home of Home Minister Gowrishanker kidnap Khan and bring him to the place of Gangappa where he brutally kills him.

Srinagara Kitty is very good in revenge portions. He has to improve in romantic scenes and emotions. Pooja Gandhi has made a mistake by accepting an inconsequential role. Avinash is powerful but not Suresh Mangalore as Khan.

None of the songs are worth remembering. The cinematography by Dinesh Baboo is hopeless.

There is nothing compelling.

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