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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Maadesha Kannada Movie

Banner: L.G.Anupam Film City
Cast: Shivarajakumar, Ravi Belegere, Sonu Bhatia, Ravi Kale
Direction: Ravi Srivatsa
Production: B.M.Goverdhana Murthy
Music: Mano Murthy

Maadesha Movie Review

This is a protracted punching and punishing action extravaganza. The Shivarajakumar fans can get two films action scenes in this one film 'Maadesha'. Despite of Censor going very strong on this film and giving revised 'A' certificate there are objectionable scenes and dialogues in this film that point to 'Khaki'. Where is necessity for Shivarajakumar to be a part of this kind of irresponsible film is the question that strikes the mind. 'Khaki' appears to me like puller of body to the grave yard could have been avoided. Shivarajakumar films in the past never made so much of gruesome attacks on the system we are living in.

Director Ravi Srivatsa in the cloud of controversy right from the beginning of his career in 'Deadly Soma' has made this film for a section of audience. He is fond of creating sensation it seems. The permanent fans of Shivarajakumar family audience would not dare to come and watch this film. Violence is so furious. For the young and feeble hearts this is going to faint them in some particular action scenes.

Young Madesha (Shivarajakumar) for abusing his mother kills a pavement petty businessman. He serves 14 years jail term and decides to make it big in Bangalore. A village boy Madesha with companion of elephant always has the strength of elephant. Working in a petrol bunk Madesha take on the biggest underworld don of Bangalore Khan and his gang. From a hammer he kills Khan and gets protection from petrol bunk owner Sircar (Ravi Belegere). The police are fed with money and Madesh fierce attack and killing is overlooked. In the tutelage of Sircar it is Madesha who builds up his empire. On many occasions Madesha takes the decisions on his own overlooking his boss and that irritates him. For all nefarious activities Madesha is used and obviously he becomes the cynosure in the eyes of underworld, police and politicians.

Madesha dynasty overrules his mentor Sircar is a great insult. But Sircar go to Chadagappa the Home Minister to apply breaks on Madesha. A strict cop Ravi Kale arrives on the scene and after a few encounters with Madesha he is finding proof to serve arrest warrant on him. Madesha flew to Australia to settle down slipping away from law. He announces that he is coming back after sometime and that will be Part-II of Madesha goes the statement on the screen.

Shivarajakumar the action hero and emotional best actor in Kannada cinema should have asked the director to cut short the violence. However this is a treat for Shivarajakumar fans. Sonu Bhatia is wasted. Ravi Belegere, Vijayasarathy and Ravi Kale have come out superb. All the three enjoy good dialogues. The side actor all these years Muni has found a good placement in this film. Padmaja Rao is apt for the mother role.

Munjana Manjaagu….Lahari Moha Lahari….are well sung, well captured on screen. Mano Murthy once again shows how great his tunes are. The background score of Sadhu Kokila lifts the film. G.S.V.Seetharam the permanent cameraman in the trailblazer V.Ravichandran camp has been marvelous. Storing 1.25 lakh feet and bringing it to 14000 feet on screen with lovely top angle shots, some fine editing gives a good technical standard to this film.

If you are an action buff this is a must watch film!

Watch Maadesha Kannada Movie Online

Maadesha Part-1

Maadesha Part-2

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please give me the download links for all movies

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