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Monday, February 9, 2009

Maurya Kannada Movie

Kannada Film Maurya

Cast : Puneeth Rajkumar, Meera Jasmine, Roja, Devaraj, Doddanna and others
Director : S Narayan
Music Director : Gurukiran
Producer : Rockline productions

Movie Review

Maurya is a remake of an award winning Telugu film Amma Nanna Oka Tamil Ammai. Manu (Puneeth Rajkumar) loves his mother Meena (Roja), a teacher, very much. He is a kick-boxer and his mother wants him to win the national championship. But, he does not like his father Pratap (Devaraj), a six-time kick-boxing champion, who deserted him and his mother.
Meanwhile, Manu meets Alamelu (Meera Jasmine), whom he later calls Andhra, and falls in love with her. His mother approves the love affair.
His mother on her death bed asks him to go to his father and achieve his goal. Manu comes to Jog Falls, where Pratap is running his kick-boxing school. His father loves him, but his stepmother and her daughter, dislike him.
The rest is about how Manu was accepted as a member of their family and how he wins the national kick-boxing championship . Director S Narayan has made a faithful remake.The comic scenes are weak.Cinematography is good.
Puneeth’s role is not new as he has done similar roles while Meera Jasmine as the innocent Telugu speaking girl, has done justice. Devaraj and Roja, as parents, suit their roles well.

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