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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Galipata Kannada Movie

Cast: Ganesh, Diganth, Rajesh Krishna, Daisy Boppanna, Neetha,
Ananthnag, Padmaja Rao, Sudha Belawadi, Rajaram, Bhavana Rao, Dayal, Vanishri, Ashwath Neenasam, Rangayana Raghu

Director: Yogaraj Bhat

Producer: N. Suryaprakash Rao, A.M. Rathnam

Cinematography: R. Rathnavelu

Editing: Suresh Urs

Art Direction: Shashidhar Adapa

Screenplay: Yogaraj Bhat

Story Writer: Yogaraj Bhat

Movie Review
Galipata is one film that was most expected in the Kannada film industry in recent times. The film was the product of the combination of director Yogaraj Bhatt and Golden Star Ganesh who had earlier delivered a blockbuster like Mungaru Male. And with raising expectations about the film, it was certainly a challenging and difficult task for the director to present a film that is strikingly different from the original, but yet entertain the audience. Bhatt has won the new battle with his craftsmanship in writing and narrating. One heartening note is that he has been able to get the best from his team. And the film meets all the expectations it rose in good measure, though there are some jarring notes in the film, which could have been avoided.

Yograj Bhatt has packaged the film with his superb craftsmanship and writing ability. He comes out best in his dialogues and also in the way he handles the narration of the film. He displays his clear and unambiguous technique of telling the story on celluloid and it shows his deep understanding of cinema.

Galipata revolves around three young people of naive and confused behavior who are unsure of what they need in their life. And they move out to a village in search of some mental peace and tranquility. They encounter different experiences in the village and meet lively characters with different outlook. And the authentic and aesthetic presentation of the film is certain to appeal the youngsters who look for some freshness and new techniques in filmmaking.

Galipata is strikingly original in its presentation being shot in stunningly looking interior and outdoor locations. Bhat takes care in selecting the finest craftsman for the technical departments and is also well supported by brilliant artists. And he shows superb talent in his dialogues, which is certainly the highlight of the film.

Golden Star Ganesh is a laugh riot in the film with his dialogues. He rocks emotionally too. And it is one performance where he shines brilliantly in almost every scene. Diganth is at his spontaneous best in the film. Rajesh Krishna is delightful in his role. Anant Nag once again delivers a commanding performance and is adorable when he goes on for the hunting sequences. Daisy Bopanna takes out a role that she has not done before and emerges a clear winner with superb handling of her role. Newcomer Bhavana Rao surprises with her lively performance. And Neetu comes out with ease in her gritty role. All the others have given competent performances in the film.

Technically the film is brilliant and the film can stand out proudly with the best films made in the country. Rathnavelu is outstanding in his camera work. Aesthetic camera angles and pleasing visuals of Rathnavelu is certainly a treat to watch. And Harikrishna comes out a winner with his music compositions. Minchaagi Neenu Baralu stands out.

Gaalipata is certainly one of the better Kannada films to be released recently. The youngsters and the peppy crowd will like the film very much. Yogaraj Bhat proves his mettle once again. And for Ganesh's fans it is one more addition to their memorable, priced films.

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