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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Orata – I Love You Kannada Movie

Banner: Golden Lion Films Division
Cast: Prashanth, Sowmya, Avinash, Sharan, Satyajith, Mandya Ramesh, Padma Vasnthi, Biradar, Hasirh, Soori
Direction: S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu
Production: Sarjapura C.R.Manohar
Music: G.R.Shanker

Orata – I Love You Movie Review

Director Sri has worked hard to keep the attention of the audience tight through the screenplay in his very first venture. That is the main saving grace of this tragic love story 'Orata…I love you'.

The lead player’s inexperience has been a hitch for this film which is like body devoid of breath. Lovely tunes and perfect photography adds a little to the film. The focal point is washed-out.

What happens when a ruffian with no education, civilization but good heart falls in love for the first time? He falls at her feet and begs her for love. Yes. This is what happens in the film. Begging for love to his love!

The rejection of love his obviously leads him to depression but the warmth of his love is in tact with the hero. He saves her humility gives shelter for her but he is not ready to tell 'I Love You' at that moment of time.

The situation changes now for the heroine Kavya. She wants to say ‘I love you’ for Varada. But’ she decides to express it after her studies. In the combat it was the old settling of scores that Varada faces from don Kencha, when the politician he helped in the election deceives him. Varada faces the boulder shock. He is badly beaten. He wants to declare himself dead. His friends agree to do so. It is because Varada wants to live in seclusion in a far of place. Destiny does not allow it to happen. Kavya looking at this falls sick. What happens later in the climax is another twist in the film.

In his debut Prashanth has worked very hard but that is not so convincing. His dialogue delivery is aping that of Shanker Nag. The requisite anger has not come out from him. Sowmya as heroine making debut is good for second heroine roles. Height is another problem with her. Avinash, Satyajith and Shobaraj have done the similar roles in the past too.

GR Shanker the debutant music director has the tang for melody. Suresh Babu's camera is ample.

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