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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SharaPanjara Kannada Movie

Directed by Puttanna Kanagal
Written by Triveni
Starring - Kalpana, Gangadhar
Release year - 1971
The movie is based on the eponymous novel by the acclaimed writer Triveni and revolves around the issues of a woman's chastity, the problem of acceptability of mentally ill by the society and unfaithful spouse. The story starts with the chance meeting of the heroine Kaveri Kalpana and the hero Suresh (Gangadhar). Suresh falls in love with Kaveri who is educated, sophisticated, beautiful and hails from a respectable family. Eventually they get married with the blessings of their parents. They are a picture perfect couple. They build their dream house, they beget a son, buy a car and are generally prosperous. When Kaveri conceives for the second time, the doctor express concern over her weakness. During post partum period, she remembers the incident in her past wherein she is forced into incestuous pre-marital sex by her cousin and loses her mental balance. During this delirium she reveals this to her husband. She is then admitted to a mental hospital. After recovery, she is discharged from the hospital. The doctors inform Suresh of Kaveri's delicate state of mind and that she needs to be loved and cared for. However, Suresh still affected by the thought of his wife's pre-marital relationship ignores her. Kaveri discovered that she will have to face scorn from her family, neighbours and her husband. The final blow comes when Kaveri discovers that Suresh is having an extra-marital relationship with a female colleague. Unable to bear it, she ultimately goes insane and is admitted to the same mental hospital. Kalpana's performance as a traumatic woman was widely acclaimed by critics.

Parallel is drawn between the heroine Kaveri and Sita the heroine of Ramayan the holy epic of Hindus. Sita's chastity too tested by her husband Rama after she is kidnapped by the demon Ravan. Though Kaveri loves her husband, he refuses her because of her chastity though she did not willfully engage in pre-marital sex. Instead he takes it as an alibi to be unfaithful to her. The other issue if that of the social acceptability of mental ill people. The general treatment Kaveri receives from her servants, her cook, her family members and neighbors. The society is absolutely callous and lacks the sensitivity that is so much needed by people like Kaveri.

Apart from the performance of Kalpana what is eye-catching is her tasteful costumes and her elegance. This movie goes on to prove her artistic abilities.

Actress 'Kalpana' received state award for her lead role.

Watch SharaPanjara Kannada Movie Online

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