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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Amrutha Ghalige Kannada Movie

Actors: Sridhar, Ramakrishna & PadmaVasanthi
Direction: Puttana Kanagal
Music: Vijay Bhaskar

Movie Review
"A widow getting a new life" is how Puttanna depicts AMRUTHA GHALIGE (auspicious moment). The hero is a book worm and well mannered who marries his friend knowing that she was in love with another (Santhosh) friend of him. He lives with her and brings up "her" child. But conveys to Santhosh that he did a mistake and there is not point in continuing it any further. The film climaxes when Santhosh convinces the "widow" to marry him. The moment when this happens Puttanna puts it the auspicious moment. The film has scenes from some of very good locations near Kerekoppa (the birth place of our KT's own sn783). Never to miss the songs like "hiMdUstaanavu eMdU mareyada", "paarvathi parashivara praNaya prasaMga" are from this movie.

Watch Amrutha Ghalige Movie Online

Amrutha Ghalige Part-1

Amrutha Ghalige Part-2


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