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Thursday, April 16, 2009

A.R.Rahman Sings in Kannada For First Time

A R Rahman Sings in Kannada For First Time

A R Rahman - One Love

Album: One Love
Artist: A R Rahman
Singers: A R Rahman, Karthik & Naresh Iyer
Lyrics: Raqeeb & A R Rahman

Tracklists :

No. Of Tracks: 6

01. One Love - Ek Mohabbat (Hindi)
02. One Love - Kaadal Onru Allava (Tamil)
03. One Love - Pranayam Onnu Allo (Malyalam)
04. One Love - Prema Okkatega (Telugu)
05. One Love - remavu Illi Onde (Kannada)
06. One Love - Bhalobasha Ek Hoye (Bengali)

About :

Just recently, Taj Mahal was voted as one of the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World. To commemorate the beauty of Taj and the eternal love it represents, A.R. Rahman has composed a track 'One Love'. It is a unique experience in itself since the song has been made in 6 different languages - Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Bengali. People behind each of the songs are same though. Rahman has composed as well as co-written the song with Raqeeb while Karthik and Naresh Iyer have joined him behind the mike.

Class of the master is visible from the first note itself as Rahman begins this soft number with an orchestra that matches international standards. While Indian feel is quite apparent in the melody that has been woven for 'Ek Mohabbat', the song is such that it could even woo the West due to it's sheer simplicity coupled with class.

The song revolves around the theme of pure love beating all odds and surpassing the lust for power and wealth. Chorus effect further adds value to this beautiful track that is mesmerizing as well as haunting. Listen it in isolation with no disturbance whatsoever and the experience is of the kind that can only be relished!

Now this is what one calls the power of music and some effective rendition. In spite of 'One Love' appearing in regional languages hereafter, one doesn't feel out of place at all and thoroughly enjoys each of the versions that follows. Whether it is Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada or the Bengali version, the arrangements and style of rendition remain just the same hence making it a beautiful experience. It is almost like putting the song in a repeat mode and cherishing the melody that flows from thereon.

Rahman had recently come with a single 'Pray For Me Brother' that was yet another astonishing piece of music from him. The song had crossed shores and made a mark internationally. One hopes that 'One Love' is also marketed appropriately and much more aggressively so that the album reaches a much bigger segment of audience that it could be doing today.

Now that would be a true tribute to Taj. And even Rahman!

Watch The Video Online

Download The Songs by clicking the link below

The link for all the 5 language song is


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