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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Buddhivantha Kannada Movie

Cast: Upendra, Pooja Gandhi, Nethanya, Brunda, Saloni, Suman ranganathan, Lakshmi

Director: Ramnath Rigvedhi

Producer: S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu, A Mohan

Buddhivantha Kannada Movie Review

Upendra's new film Budhdhivantha directed by Ramnath is the remake of K.Balachandar directed Naan Avanillai released three decades ago. Though Budhdhivantha's main story revolves around the Tamil film which was based on a Marati play written by Acharya Atre.

The narration of the Kannada film has many things common with the recently released Tamil film with the same title directed by Selvam. Even the song tunes of the Tamil film have been lifted in Budhdhivanth which are however well choregraphed. Budhdhivanatha can not be out rightly dismissed as another remake film because of many original inputs that have gone towards the making the film.

The first and foremost is that the climax sequence of the film has been altered to suit the image of Upendra and also the native tests. It is the best part of the film. The court sequences in the film are much better than what was seen in two versions in Tamil. And the Rayalaseema portions where Upendra speaks Telugu dialogues and spoofs some Telugu heroes is outstanding.

Upendra shines as an actor and a writer and his contribution to make the film an entertaining product can not be undermined. Though he has shared the dialogues work with Venkatnarayan, it is evident that he has written dialogues for the key sequences and in the court room sequences. The film's five heroines have jelled well with the Real Star. Vijay Anthony's exceptional music and Giri's photography have been the major highlights of the film.

The story revolves around Panchamrutha who has been charged by four women that they have been cheated by them. Panchamrutha is arrested and produced in court, but he claims that he is innocent. He argues that the gullible girls have been cheated by some one looking like him and they have foisted falls cases on him. Finally he argues the case on his own and wins the battle in court. Meanwhile, the Judge's daughter who is watching the proceedings becomes a great fan of Panchamrutha. Finally Panchamrutha reveals as to why he had played tricks with the four women.

Upendra rocks in the film from the first sequence. His performance in this film can be regarded as one of the best in recent times. And his seven get ups are the highlights of the film. Lucky girl Pooja Gandhi attracts with a bubbly performance. Suman Ranganathan is also good. Nethanya, Brunda and Saloni have performed their roles with ease.

Budhdhivantha's strong point has been the picturisation of songs which perfectly fit into the song compositions. Chithranna Chithranna has already made a big impact in the audio world. All the songs are excellently shot. R.Giri's cinematography with its top angle movements is exceptional. The editing ensures a very good pace.

Budhdhivantha is a definite entertainer which gives full value for the paisa you spend. Watch it and enjoy.

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