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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chaitrada Chandrama Kannada Movie

Banner: Cheluvambika Pictures
Cast: Pankaj, Amoolya, Shobaraj, Veena Sunder, Pallakki Radhakrishna
Direction: S.Narayan
Production: Smt.Bhagyavathi
Music: S.Narayan

Chaitrada Chandrama Kannada Movie Review

While all new comers are having a teething trouble in one or the other way Pankaaj has the teeth trouble. Otherwise it is a splendid debut for him. Shaped up by his renowned father who is one of the prime directors, producer, writer and actor too on Kannada screen S.Narayan it is a good preparation for youngster in a colorful style. Minus one hour of the film add some comedy to the film it would be a terrific film to watch. Why a senior director like Narayan has consumed so much of time to showcase his son for his home banner that too while launching son is the question that remains in the mind. Today's zamana is not for seeing the lengthy films with unwanted inconsequential scenes.

Pankaaj (Pankaaj) is a marvelous cricket player. His father intention in life is that his son should occupy the national team and become international cricket player. Pankaaj works hard and proves from his county matches that he is a cricket player to watch. He is not out on all the 60 plus matches he played. Such a workaholic and disciplined youngster face the first distraction in his mind from Ammu daughter of Army officer. Pankaaj and Ammu after initial quarrel become very close to heart and that is the major mistake and diversion in the life of Pankaaj. In order to save Ammu from bad elements he elopes with her to Kashmir to leaver her to the safe custody of her father. He takes this decision instead of going to Mumbai to attend the national cricket team practice session. This aversion in the wake of love to cricket Pankaaj has developed disturbs his father and his coach is upset. In Kashmir Pankaaj and Ammu are traced by police and brought safely to Bangalore. The shocked father of Ammu a military personnel finds a solution when his daughter attempts to commit suicide. He throws a challenge to Pankaaj to prove his mettle in the cricket field first and then ask for his daughter. Pankaj wins everyone from the last ball he faces hitting it to the six.

The action, dialogue delivery and screen presence of Pankaaj is passable. He has to refine a lot but that will take a few films for him. The best part of the film is Amoolya. Taking on from previous film 'Cheluvina Chittara' the runaway hit film of Amoolya looks very beautiful and she has the ability of becoming another Soundarya.

In the supporting cast Pallakki, Veena Sunder, Suma and Shobaraj are very good. There is no comedy in this film might be another minus point.

Three of the songs Mandharave Araluthidhe…Nanna Cheluvi….Nooraru Janumadha Gelathi are worth hearing again. Narayan as a music director too has great ability. Cinematography by Renukumar gives a pleasant treat to the eyes. The graphic work and editing done for the film adds extra dimension to the film.

A new hero is born in Kannada film scene from the prestigious director S.Narayan family. Welcome to Pankaaj.

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