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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Haani Hani Kannada Movie

Cast & Crew:

Banner: V.C.R.Productions

Cast: Tarun, Pooja Gandhi, Rangayana Raghu, Lokanath, Jai Jagdeesh, C.R.Simha, Dattanna, Bhavya, Chitra Shenoy, Veena Sunder, Ramya Barne, Kishori Ballal, Vijayalakshmi

Direction: Sharan
Production: P.Veerakumar, N.Chandru, M.Raju, Azam
Music: S.Channa

Haani Hani Kannada Movie Review

The story of ‘Hani Hani’ directed by Sharan is not unusual in the sense that you would have seen hundreds of films with similar backgrounds in the past. But what makes the film really worth a watch is the director’s manner of presenting it. He presents the film without any confusion and adds up pep in the form of some brilliant songs and good visuals. And some twists towards the end of the second half do come as something unexpected and enjoyable.

Sharan’s track record so far has been making films without a powerful script and command in the narration. Obviously Sharan seems to have learnt his lessons in this venture, where he presents the film in a neat fashion. And he has skillfully arranged the comedy sequences perfectly which provides good relief to the audience. Music director Chinna is awesome with his song compositions and they are finely shot as well.

But the film does have its share of negatives. There are many lagging sequences that the director could have easily chopped off. And some of the comedy sequences end abruptly, much to the discomfort of the audience. One is really not sure if they got chopped off at the editing table or by the Censor Board.

‘Hani Hani’ revolves around the love element between Rahul and Ramya, both of whom are college students. Ramya does not have the courage to intimate her family members about her love and would rather elope with Rahul. But Rahul would rather gain the consent of every family member and then tie the knot. Ramya belongs to a large joint family, with more than thirty members, staying together in a huge bungalow. They lead a merry life with the Patriarch leading the pack. Raahul enters the family and wins the heart of others in the family, and makes all efforts to get the approval of the big family for his marriage.

Tarun who has acted for the first time in a full-fledged hero’s role has struggled to get the right emotions in the film. He dances well. Pooja Gandhi looks glamorous and she has improved her performance skills. But it is Rangayana Raghu who steals the show with his comic timing that literally has us in splits. Sharan deserves credit for drawing a high rated performance from the young comedy actor whom he has introduced. All the other character artists are perfect choices as well, and have done a good job.

‘Hani Hani’ banks heavily on its music. Chinna who has worked for the Telugu film director Man Sharma has done wonders in the song compositions and even his background score is quite noteworthy. M.R.Seenu’s camera work rightly captures the visual beauty of Bangkok, Pattaaya and other places.

‘Hani Hani’ is an enjoyable fare despite some dragging sequences. And the music of course, rocks!

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