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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Meravanige Kannada Movie

Producer - Bandhu Mitrararu
Banner – Sri Muneshwara Films
Direction - Mahesh Babu
Cast – Prajwal Devaraj, Andritha Ray, Sadhu kokila, Komal
Story - Janardhan Maharshi
Cinematographer - Mahesh Talkad
Music - V Manohar
Stunts – Danny, K.D. Venkatesh, Ravi Varma

Meravanage Kannada Movie Review

Prajwal Devaraj's Meravanige has finally hit the screens after it was launched nearly one year back. Yet the film turns out to be a neatly packed film with some good creative inputs. Mahesh Babu's handling of a love story is quite different from what he did before and is quite different from the films which are being released now.

'Meravanige' tells the story of Vijay a careless son of a top cop. Vijay spends his time in kidnapping his lecturer's son and blackmailing him to give the questions papers rather than studying hard. He always has qualms with Nandini his college and class mate regarding petty issues. Nandini is also the daughter of another top cop who happens to be a close aide of Vijay's father. Both the fathers fix their children's marriage without their knowledge. Just when everything goes haywire, terrorists kidnap them and hides them in the forest. How loves blossoms between the two and how they escape from the forest forms the rest of the film.

'Meravanige' maintains a good pace like in any other Mahesh Babu's film. But for the crudeness in some of the comedy sequences in the film, 'Meravanige' is a nice presentation with some minor negative aspects here and there. The credit for a neat presentation once again goes to Mahesh's Babu's screenplay and direction. Babu engages the audience with some interesting twists here and there particularity in the second half of the film.

The performances of the artistes are equally notable. Particularly Prajwal. He carries the film simply on his shoulders from start to finish. Whether it is comedy or action or sentiment Prajwal is a treat to watch. Andrita Ray is the surprise package of the film. Though much cannot be expected from her in terms of acting, she is lively and lovely. Avinash, Bhanuchander, Sadhu Kokila, Komal Kumar provide adequate support.

Music by V Manohar is good. "Yelliruve Neenu", "Nannolave Nannolave" are pleasent. "Pathangavaagi Naa" has shades of "Zara Sa Jhoomloon Mein" from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Mahesh Talkad's camera work also gets accolades.

Meravanige is worth watching by the entire family.

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