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Monday, March 9, 2009

Honganasu Kannada Movie

Cast: Prem, Anuradha Mehta, Anjali, Anant Nag, Tarun, Sharan, Ramesh Bhat
Direction: Rathnaja
Producer: Ajay Gowda
Music Director: Hamsalekha

Movie Review
Honganasu directed by Rathnaja was certainly an expected film from the point of view of the wide appreciation obtained by the director's first film 'Nenapirali'. And leading man Prem Kumar had so much of hopes on this film that he had taken active interest in promoting this film. But Rathnaja who has been considered as a talented director changed the course and focus of Kannada films has failed to utilize the opportunity and comes out with a mediocre film. The film drags in the second half to such an extent that it may well test your patience also.

Though Rathnaja has shot many portions of the film in the picturesque spots in Kerala and the songs have been presented well, the weak spot of the film comes in the second half when the lengthy flash back narrates the background story. And the first half of the film offers nothing but some songs and some insipid sequences in better looking outdoor locales.

Though Rathnaja claims that the story is the strong point of the film, it has to be said that he has not cared to fine tune the story and the narrative part of the film. Though the Veteran artists have performed well in the film, Anuradha Mehta who plays an important role in the film fails to make the impact her character deserves.

Sagar (Prem) has great reverence and an obsessive affection for his yet to be sister-in-law played by Soumya (Anuradha Mehta). Parents of Sagar have decided to get the marriage of their first son Santhosh with Sowmya when both of them were very young. Even Sowmya's parents have agreed to such proposal, and though she is yet to be married to Santhosh she is being invited and consulted for every thing that occurs in Sagar's family. Sagar has such a great reverence to Sowmya that he is prepared to even quarrel with Santhosh and his sister to protect his yet to be sister-in-law. And the main bottleneck to Santhosh's marriage is that Sagar's sister does not agree to any marriage proposal. Finally, she agrees to marry a boy who sets a pre condition. He is prepared to marry Sagar's sister but then his sister has to be married by one of the two brothers. Sagar has to sacrifice his love for the sake of his sister's marriage and Sowmya's marriage with Santhosh. But Santhosh says that he is not prepared to marry. Sagar's dream remains shattered.

The related sequences of this story go on and on in the second half that you don't find any escape routes like comedy. The comedy in the first half is good, but there is no space for it in the second half. And the editor has also not cared to chop off the boring sequences. Result is that the film drags on for ever.

Prem Kumar has tried his level best to improve on his performance in the levels. New comer Anjali comes out good in the limited scope she has in the film. But Anuradha Mehta is a clear let down. She does not show any involvement in carrying this important role in her career. Anant Nag, Vinaya Prasad and Ramesh Bhat have done their roles with ease. Sharan brings in some lighter moments.

Two tunes "Kandu Konde Kandu Konde', and 'Lagge Lagge Sahyadrige' by music director Hamsalekha are impressive. Camera work of Anant Urs could have been little more effective.

"Honganasu' is just an average fare from director Rathnaja who was looked with lot of promise.

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