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Monday, March 16, 2009

Auto Shankar Kannada Movie

Banner: Ramu Entertainer
Cast: Upendra, Shilpa Shetty, Radhika, Sudharani
Direction: D.Rajendra Babu
Production: Ramu
Music: Gurukiran

Auto Shanker Movie Review

Story -writer Ajaykumar has rehashed some of the yesteryear hit Kannada films of Dr.Rajkumar era. The box office hit of Dr.Rajkumar 'Sampathige Savaal' is the inspiration for 'Auto Shanker'. Nevertheless this is a high voltage action packed film with dose of sentiments, comedy, good music and photography. Upendra and Shilpa Shetty steal the show.

Auto Shanker (Upendra) is jovial and generous. He comes to the rescue of his colleague when the moneylender Maaya (Shilpa Shetty) creates ruckus on the road. The insult Maya meets further boils up the situation. When Shanker father without informing him borrows money from Maya and not able to return the interest on time the hell breaks out. But Shanker throws the money his father has borrowed overnight. This further enrages Maaya and she takes a step to bring the entire Auto Shanker colony to come to streets. Now Shanker comes to Maaya's doorstep for help. Maya lends money on conditions. When Shanker fails to give back Maaya is aspiring for revenge but Shanker bounce back with legal points in lending money. He is of course studying in evening college the director register it. The ultimatum now comes from Maaya. She goes to the extent of killing Shanker but becomes a house arrest. Maaya is kept in a cow shed and she is taught a lesson. At this time Shanker comes to know the past of Maaya. Shanker shakes the entire gang of Maaya's mother Kalamma and gang. Shanker now takes the help of Tata Sumo instead of auto and reduces the power of opponents. In the midst Maaya receives injury. Shanker gives his blood and saves Maaya. After recovery Maaya realizes what is life and how important money is in front of morality. She gives back the entire money to the people and begs for admission in the life of Shanker.

This is a loud film. The length is the disgusting point. We feel like watching two films. Senior director D.Rajendra Babu should have cut the film by at least 30 percent to make it crisp entertainer. There is a smell of Telugu films in this Kannada film.

Upendra and Shilpa Shetty have equal roles. But Upendra with his agile looks and wonderful dialogue delivery, stunts and dance gets full marks. What is notable is that Bollywood heroine Shilpa Shetty approving for deglamourised role. Telengana Shakuntala is a pain to watch. Radhika doing the second heroine role shows her mettle in two song sequences with Upendra. Sadhu Kokila's comedy is an eye opener.

Gurukiran has given three lovely tunes - Kachi Kachi Ninna Thinnala.., Raja Nanna Raja (retuned from Dr.Rajkumar film Sampathige Savaal) and Ready Ready..., live long in the memory. H.C.Venu as cameraman disturbs the eyes in some places but over all he has showed great degree of skill.

An above average entertainer! This is a wonderful treat to Upendra fans.

Watch Auto Shankar Kannada Movie Online

Auto Shankar Part-1

Auto Shankar Part-2

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