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Monday, March 16, 2009

Yuga Kannada Movie - Cam Print

Cast: Vijay, Kavya, Sudha Belawadi, Mico Nagaraj, Mahadevu
Direction: Chandra
Music: Arjun

Yuga - An action feast!

He is a ruffian. Robust in build! Ugly in looks! Terror to trouble shooters! He can put down tormentors who come from any direction. He can rise above the ground and use his two legs to hit at the prominent nerve at the neck. That is 'Yuga'. The orphan child grows in slum and streets make it a point to earn money. Money is everything for him. Morality is next to him. Because he has been treated shabbily in life.

Yuga (Vijay) with his group takes revenge on the prominent underworld don Pai in Mangalore. He did not expect the danger would be so strong for him. The police in an encounter to this killing by Yuga shoot him in the stomach. He escapes from there and in an isolated house he gets treatment. He is advised to stay there for ten days as the hunt to put him down is going on everywhere. Yuga does according to his master.

In his 10 days stay in the rural doctor house he knows what affection is and how important it is to life. He meets Harini (Kavya) who is suffering from severe bronchitis in this village. The bail application is ready for Yuga and he is forced to leave the village and surrender. Back after bail Yuga has real problems shooting up. The Pai gang from Mangalore hatches a plot. Around this time his mentor needs his help to win the election.

What happens to Yuga in the stiff opposition from Pai gang? You want to know it. Go and watch this action feast.

In his debut director Chandra has worked on the scenes not on the story. His screenplay is tight and appealing to the front benchers.

Dhuniya Vijay action scenes are splendid. His front and back somersaults and strength in action is the redeeming feature of this film. He has to improve in dialogue deliver and make an attempt to look decent. Kavya has no big deal in her debut. Sudha Belawadi's controlled emotion is as usual best.

The second notable aspect of this film is cinematography by Veenus Murthy. The angles he has chosen the action scenes he has captured deserves him applaud. Two songs are OK in 'Yuga'.

A film for action lovers 'Yuga' showcases actor Vijay's capacity in electrifying stunts.

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