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Monday, March 16, 2009

Nenapirali Kannada Movie

Cast: Naveen Krishna, Prem, Vidya Venkatesh, Varsha
Direction: Rathanaja
Production: Ajay R Gowda
Music: Hamsalekha

Nenapirali Movie Review

Nenapirali is a film that lingers in your mind many hours after you come out of the theatres.It is a treat to watch for film fans who are time and again subjected to badly made remake films and so called action films in which the characters of the film bandish swords and rifles.The film is neatly narrated and has splendid visuals shot in locations which have been shot many a times by other film makers.But still the sequences look fresh and stunning on the screen.The film also has some scinitillating songs with good lyrical value written by Hamsalekha. The film stands out for the sincerity of the director Rathnaja and producer Ajay Gowda who have shown some great passion in making this near film.Another plus point of this film is a good performances from all the s.

Nenapirali deals with four young people with different strengths and attitudes.We would see them in our day to day life.You dont find any character in the film who is unusual and there is hardly any dramatic moments in the film to create an unwanted twist in the story.It is a neat film with neat narration and neat performances.It is the story that comes straight from the heart and not from the mind.The story is not fresh and reminds us of some Enid Blyton stuff but still it looks good on the screen mainly because of some good technical back up and good acting performances.

The story deals with two friends Kishor(Prem )and
Ekanth who are thick with each other and share every experience with each other.They belong to different stratas of society, but still the bond of friendship is great.Eknath is in love with a rich girl Sindhu who tells that her parents are opposed to their alliance.Eknath does a trick to get Kishor into the picture.Both of you should act in such a way that you are in love.Anyway, Sindhu's parents are opposed to love marriage and they would oppose it.Then it will be easy for me to approach Sindhu's parents for an alliance' says Eknath who convinces both Kishor and Sindhu.All things work out well.Vidya understands Kishor's concern and good behaviour towards her. She also comes to know that Kishor is a worthy friend of Eknath.After Eknath's marriage,Kishor goes to Maganalore to work in Eknath's branch office.Here he comes across Indu,the sister of Sindhu who is completely different from her sister.She is an extrovert giving to talking what she feels at that moment.Kishor and Indu becomes closer and they are in love.Meanwhile, Eknath dies in a motor accident.Eknath's father wants Sindhu to remarry and the mantle of convincing Sindhu falls on Kishor and Indu.Sindhu tells Kishor that she would rather marry him and not any one else. Now, the dilemma starts.Indu tells that she is prepared to sacrifice her love, which is unacceptable to Kishor.Finally Kishor and Indu get united and even Sindhu accepts this fait acompli.

Rathnaja comes out with flying colours in his first attempt, but he is aptly supported by a technica team of veterans including music maestro Hasalekha,Award winning Editor Kemparaj and cinemetographer H.M.Ramachandra known for his details in his work.All the songs of the film are well written and well composed.They are captured very well on the screen. Prem,Vidya Venkatesh have done their roles adequately, but it is new comer Varsha in the role of Indu who shines well. The character artists have performed their given opportunities to perfection.

Nenapirali is a class film and is a good film to watch.For the Kannada film industry which is now shining this is one more film that brings lot of accolades.

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