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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mussanje Maathu Kannada Movie

Banner: Suresh Jain
Cast: Sudeep, Ramya, Anu Prabhakar, Yethiraj, Meghasri, Ramesh Bhat, Sumithra, Mandya Ramesh, Praneshachar, Krishne Gowda, Padma Vasanthi
Direction: Mahesh
Production: Jhankar Movies
Music: Sridhar

Mussanje Maathu Kannada Movie Review

Mussanje Maathu is sure to bring in warmth to the hearts of the audience and moist the eyes. The film is an emotional saga narrated in a neat fashion. The experiment of new looks and a stylish hair do by actor Sudeep and his touching performance is the major highlight of this film. The songs laced with melody is another appealing factor that makes this film totally different from the many nondescript gangster and violent films that are hitting the Kannada film industry these days.

Debutant director Mahesh makes Mussanje Maathu a thoroughly enjoyable film with his neat handling of a sensitive and offbeat subject. A neatly packaged film with high voltage emotions, extraordinary performances and lilting songs with well written lyrics, Mahesh should be complimented for directing this clean and likeable film in his first attempt.

Story wise Mussanje Maathu does not boast of a very strong story line, but even this thin story makes a strong impact on screen because of the incidents relating to Radio Jockey's programme are narrated in a refined and touching manner. And the performances of some top artists like Sudeep, Ramya, Anu Prabhakar and Ramesh Bhat take the film to greater heights of appeal. However Mahesh shows little immaturity in handling the film's so called comedy sequences which fail to make impact. And some of the situations in the film look repetitive which reduces the desired impact. A little bit of editing and sharpening of sequences may still make the film a little more attractive.

The story revolves around a good hearted Radio Jockey Pradeep who anchors an evening programme in a channel. Through his programme he is able to solve problems of many people and he is also able to provide emotional relief to the affected people with his positive interaction. Tanu has been emotionally ravaged after losing her mother and deserted by her father comes from her native place to take refuge in her friend's house in the city. Tanu also reveals her trauma in one of the programmes. She accidentally meets Pradeep and they become friends. Pradeep brings a big change in her attitude to life and even unites her with her reformed father. Both Pradeep and Tanu hide their inner feelings with each other. And then Tanu's marriage is arranged by her father. Finally everything is resolved in a gripping climax.

Sudeep comes out in flying colours with his matchless performance. He underplays the emotions but does lend his extra ordinary voice to heighten the impact of many sequences. He looks extremely tylish and young with his new hair cut and spectacles. Ramya performs top class in many sequences and certainly the film will be remembered as one of her best films. Equally brilliant is Anu Prabhakar who scores in many emotional sequences of the film. Veteran actors Ramesh Bhat and Sumithra are equally impressive.

Veteran Sundaranath Suvarna is extremely competent in picturising song sequences. Sridhar's music composition is extra ordinary with songs like Ninna Nodalentho, Enaagali Mundhe Saagali and Kaddalu Manasanna which are sure to remain in top of the charts. The choreography of these songs are effective.

Mussanje Maathu is a well made film which may appeal to all segments because of a high degree of emotional content and refined performances from artists!

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