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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Protest against Metro for cutting down Trees Hundreds, including children, women, elderly, and the young, gathered in the early hours of Saturday on Lakshman Rao boulevard to continue protests against the construction of Bangalore Metro through Lalbagh and Lakshman Rao Park. The protest organised by Hasiru Usiru coincided with a visit to the Lakshman Rao boulevard by Mr. Sivasailam, IAS, MD of Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd., which was facilitated by Mr. Vijaykumar, MLA (Jayanagar).In a significant decision, Justice Shri. N. Kumar and Justice Shri. Keshav Narayan constituting the Division Bench (in Vacation Sitting) of the Karnataka High Court directed Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. to stop felling of trees in Lalbagh and R. V. Road (till Rajalakshmi Kalyan Mantap Juction including Lakshman Rao boulevard) until further orders. This direction was issued in a PIL filed by Mr. Mahavir Ranka and others challenging the ordinance issued by the Government of Karnataka allocating 1135 sq. Metres of land in Lalbagh for a Metro station.
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The proposition is that, METRO is better going underground, rather than cutting down those trees and spoiling the beauty !
I can think how bangalore was when i was small. It used to be called Garden City but now due to cutting of Trees its no more. Lets all together join hands and stop the cutting of Trees in and around albagh, Nanda Road for the METRO project and Let METRO go UNDERGROUND.

Here is a VIDEO made by Ricky Kej and Team, in reply to the decision for cutting TREES in and around lalbagh, Nanda Road for the METRO project.

Come People of Bangalore lets join together and support and save trees.

Music Video for song created by Music Director Ricky Kej protesting against the unnecessary chopping of trees to pave way for the Metro in Bangalore. Lyrics and singer: Avinash Chebbi.

Save Bangalore, Save Trees, Metro Go Underground


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