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Friday, May 8, 2009

Pyscho Kannada Movie

'Psycho' - a unique thought
Without curiosity and breath taking moments on the screen the audience will not come to the theatre strongly believes the debutant 'Psycho' Kannada film director Devadatta. With new team and new frame work he has mounted the film at JSS auditorium on Akshaya Truthiya day in Bangalore. Gurudutt is the producer, Raghu Dixit is the music director and Sandeepkumar is the man behind camera. The cast of the film is not available as the director wants to keep a tight secret till the film come on the screen.

Hachchuvevu Kannadadha Deepa was performed by veteran theatre personality cum Journalist A.S.Murthy, veteran journalist PG Srinivasamurthy, distributor Mars Suresh, PLN Sastry and different Danny. For the maiden shot Ramanna switched on the camera that was placed on Sri Raja Rajeswari goddess. T.Venkatramana Shetty showed the clap board. At the time of muhurut shot the song of 'Psycho' – Preethiya Mana Shanthiya Siri Honnina Nadidhu Namma Nadu Karunaadu….was played. The technicians of the film were seen on the stage.

The shooting begins from May 18. This was the auspicious day and it was inevitable for us to start the film said Devadatta. He refused to divulge anything on the subject. 250 years old house is selected for the shooting is the house of the hero. There will no mobile cameras on the sets. On the hike of production cost he said 'Tomato' price is also fluctuating so there is no surprise if the production cost increases. For Devadatta cinema making is not gambling but business.

Well known music director V.Manohar has lauded the caliber of music director Raghu Dixit of 'Psycho'. Raghu has a rare voice that is the asset to Kannada film music disclosed Manohar. He has written one of the seven songs for this film 'Psycho'.

Raghu Dixit has retuned the Radio City song Namma Nadu….along with six other songs. The second stanza for the song Preetiya Mana shanthiya Siri Honnina Nadidhu Namma Naadu… written by Jayanth Kaikini. Looking at the Karnataka map Jayanth Kaikini had written the song said Devadatta. Kadalina Male Madilina……is the opening line of Jayanth Kaikini's second stanza for the key song of the film that is very penetrative informed Devadatta. This song focuses on the rich cultural heritage of Karnataka comes on the screen for 320 seconds.

Please do not discuss in the media the hero, heroine and other cast of the film says producer R.Gurudutt. This is not a gimmick we are doing but a requirement to keep the curiosity till the audience comes to the theatre he said.

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